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Bad Penny - Tones of copper, delphinium, and teal hand painted onto a skein of 2 ply handspun blending together to create shades of lilac, brown and cream remniscient of a copper penny going through oxidation. This colorway is also available as a braid of dyed wool roving.

Twilight Sparkle- Gold 40 weight embroidery thread plyed with hand spun Corriedale wool and kettle dyed in shades of lavendar and purple create a yarn remniscient of everyone’s favorite nerdy unicorn.

Newsprint- A truely unique yarn - each skein is a totally new combination of fibers and colors. Jacob’s wool, Corriedale wool, bamboo, silk, merino, alpaca, and tinsel sparkles and blended on a drum carder and spun into a bulky weight 2-ply thick and thin yarn. Individual batts of newsprint are also available as a spinning fiber.

Bryophyta- Moss green hand spun wool twirled together with sparkling gold 40 weight embroidery thread, this colorway is named after the scientific name for moss and inspired by my favorite “moss artist”: naturalist and author Beatrix Potter. The dark green and gold is also a nod to my alma mater William and Mary.

Nebulous- Tones of teal, rose, purple, and blue swirl together in this hand painted skein of 2-ply handspun inspired by the spectacular images from the Hubble Space Telescope. This colorway is also available as a braid of dyed wool roving.

Snow Queen- One strand of Corriedale wool, one strand of silver 40 weight embroidery thread twirled together in a single bulky weight 2 ply yarn. This yarn is kettle-dyed which leads to subtle variations in color throughout each skein. The finished product is a delicate ice blue-gray inspired by winter weather and a kickass animated princess.

Peppermint Twist- Three strands of pre-existing string transmuted by the spinning wheel! The white yarn is superwash wool, the red is hand-dyed, lace weight mohair, and the sparkly silver is 40 weight machine embroidery thread. Together, they create a delightful holiday confection.